• We accept ladies, plus size and junior wear. We accept men’s casual clothing (no suits please).  We also accept handbags, shoes, boots, scarves and luggage.
  • Summer clothing (short sleeves), is accepted January through May. We accept windbreakers and light colored cardigan sweaters through Easter.
  • Winter clothing (long sleeves) is accepted July through November. We accept Halloween costumes July through October.
  • Clothing must be brought in freshly washed, ironed, on hangers, ready to sell. We will provide hangers upon request. Please take them home to prepare your clothes.
  • Due to the tremendous volume of consignments arriving daily, we can only accept those items in the best condition. No stains (not even tiny ones), tears, excessive pilling, fading, or missing buttons please.
  • Fashions should be no more than 2 years old. We do not accept anything out of style.

clothing consignmentSorry, we will not accept clothing stuffed in bags or boxes.

We take pride in offering only the finest secondhand things to our customers. Therefore, we must be very fussy and discriminating. Please do not be upset when we turn down some of your items! We love our consignors!