Here are a few tips to help you get your things ready to sell:

Most strollers come completely apart to wash. Look carefully for the snaps and buckles that separate the fabric parts from the frame. You will need a screwdriver to remove some parts. After slipping out the fabric, put screws back in holes so you don’t lose them. Put all the removable parts including seat belts in the washing machine on gentle cycle. It helps to put a few towels around the agitator of your washing machine. Hang to dry.

Cloth covers should come off to wash. First unhook the seat belts and remove them (remember how to put them back!). Then look for the elastic straps and plastic clips that separate the cover from the seat. Put the seat belt (buckle and all) along with the cover in the washing machine on gentle cycle. Hang to dry.

First, take it outside and soak it with a hose. Then spray mesh and cloth with a spray cleaner such as Fantastic or 409. Scrub with a large stiff bristle brush. Rinse with hose until no soap remains and let dry in sun. If mesh is badly stained, spray it with Clorox Cleanup (wear old clothes for this!), scrub with brush, rinse thoroughly and let dry.

Take outside or put in bathtub, thoroughly wet, soak with spray cleaner and scrub with a large stiff bristle brush. Rinse and let dry in sun. If toys are mildewed from being outside, follow the same directions but use Clorox Cleanup and wear old clothes.

Baby formula stains and yellow spots rarely come out of colors. Whites and prints with white backgrounds can usually be bleached safely. Start your washing machine and add detergent as usual. Using a bleach pen, apply solution directly to stained areas and put immediately into washing machine. Do not wash with colored items! If you are very careful, you can use this same method on the white lace collars of colored dresses. Be careful to not let the bleached part touch the colored part, and wash separately.

Whink rust remover is the only one that works. Look for the brown plastic bottle at Walmart or Foodlion. Squirt directly on clothing spots or bathtub spots and they will disappear. Be sure to wash and rinse items thoroughly afterwards because Whink is strong and toxic. Keep out of children’s reach.