We are sorry when we are not able to accept all of your things. The hardest part of our job in the consignment industry is saying “no thank-you.”

We say “no thank you” when we believe the items will not sell. Sometimes the items simply do not fit our store’s identity.

  • Out of style items can damage our customers’ confidence in our fashion advice.
  • One stained item can lead customers to question the cleanliness of all our merchandise.
  • Low quality can reflect on the remainder of our store.
  • We would rather impress you when we sell all of your good stuff …rather than disappoint you by only selling half of your good and not-so-good stuff.

We regret that we can not always accept everything that everyone brings us. We hope you will understand the decision is not personal. Each season we analyze which items didn’t sell and base next year’s season upon this unique, local experience. Every consignment shop develops its own identity according to the preferences of its regular customers.

Our “Things That Do Not Sell” List:

  • Bridal Gowns, veils and dyeable shoes.
  • Men’s dress pants, dress shirts or dress shoes.
  • Ladies and men’s styles older than 2 years:

Tips: Oversized shoulders, puffy sleeves, gathers, pleats, cuffs, large buttons, jumpers, or sweater vests are considered “out of style.”

  • Children’s outdated styles

Tip: Size 7 and up are as discriminating as adults!

  • Obvious mismates that were once part of a set.
  • Excessively worn, faded, fuzzy or wrinkled items.
  • Items that need cleaning or have lint or pet hair on them.
  • Items with mildew, cooking or smoke odors.
  • Equipment or toys that are incomplete or unsafe.
  • Non-seasonal items.

Tip: For best sales bring spring items January through March, summer items March through May, fall items July through September and winter items September through November. The earlier the better!

This list is ever changing, as is the fashion industry in general. It’s hard to keep up!